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The Advantages of Using Pick and Carry Cranes for your Worksite

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Pick and carry cranes are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of lifting and moving tasks.

Tidd PC28
Tidd PC28 at Work

Here are the top advantages of using pick and carry cranes on your worksite:

  • Improved mobility and maneuverability: Pick and carry cranes are designed to move around the worksite quickly and easily, even in tight spaces. Unlike other types of cranes, they do not require outriggers to be set up before operation, which can save valuable time.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: With their ability to move quickly and easily around the worksite, pick and carry cranes can help to speed up lifting and moving tasks, reducing project timelines and increasing productivity.

  • Versatility: Pick and carry cranes are versatile machines that can be used for a wide range of lifting and moving tasks in construction, manufacturing, and logistics. They can also be adapted to suit the specific needs of your worksite, with a range of attachments such as lifting beams, manual extensions, rhino hooks.

  • Enhanced safety features: Pick and carry cranes are designed with safety in mind. Many models feature advanced safety features such as automatic stability control, overload protection systems, and low center of gravity, which make them more stable and reduce the risk of tipping.

  • Compact size: Pick and carry cranes are compact in size, which means they can be used in areas where other cranes may not fit.

  • Roadability: Pick and Carry cranes are designed to travel on public roads at a reasonable speed. This makes them quick to move between locations.

  • No setup time required: As pick and carry cranes do not require outriggers to be set up before operation, there is no setup time required. This can save valuable time on the worksite and help to improve project timelines.

  • Ability to lift and carry heavy loads: Despite their small size, pick and carry cranes have impressive lifting capabilities. For example, the TIDD PC28 crane has a 75% stationary chart and a 66% pick and carry chart, enabling it to lift and carry heavy loads and if you can drive there you can move it there - limitations of lifting radius (of traditional cranes) is removed.

All in all, pick and carry cranes are a great investment for your worksite. They offer a variety of benefits that make them an excellent choice for lifting and moving tasks. With their ease of mobility, versatility, safety features, compact size, and impressive lifting capabilities, these cranes can help to increase efficiency and productivity on your worksite.

Pick and Carry Cranes lifting machinery.
Pick and Carry - PC-28

So if you're looking to improve your worksite's lifting and moving capabilities, a pick and carry crane might just be the solution you need!

Tidd with fly offset 40 degrees
Tidd with fly offset 40 degrees

McLeod operate the Tidd PC28 Pick and Carry Crane a great machine. Talk to us today about your project and how this machine can help.

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