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A Big 350 Tonne Weight.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It’s here now. Our new 350 tonne all-terrain crane. Ready to go.And it’ll be a real weight off your mind.

350 Tonne All Terrain Crane
350 Tonne with luffing Fly

Why? Because now you can lift the heaviest loads with equal assurance of safety.

First, some facts:

  • 64 metre main boom.

  • 72 metre luffing fly jib.

  • 125 metres of lifting system length.

  • 120 tonnes of counterweight

  • The most compact 6-axle crane in its class: 16.7 metres long.

But the size of the crane’s just part of it. What matters, as much, is the safety record, the safety systems, of the company behind it. And that’s where McLeod delivers the critical difference. That care, that attention to comprehensive operational safety and certainty, is where we start. We’re not ones for blowing our own trumpet, but it’s fair to say we pay more attention to safety systems than just about anyone in our sector. It’s where our awards tell their own story. Quite simply, when we dispatch this new crane for you, we’re dispatching unequalled safety support. Unequalled? Yes. Let’s share some detail. Every one of our cranes, from the lightest to the heaviest, is linked to a comprehensive, digital operational management system – unique, we believe, in the industry. Our dispatchers have a complete visual representation of every project on the ground. Our operators get site-specific instructions, gps maps, a view of underground services. All on their iphones. We can customise the instructions according to your own safety or locational needs. We send an electronic job card to every operator, every crane. And then there’s our lift engineering expertise. Also unmatched in our region. In Peter McLeod we have a qualified engineer right here in the team. And he’s been used to the heaviest work, as Installation Engineer on the Saipem 7000, the largest semi-submersible crane barge in the world. So when it comes to total technical assurance, relax. It comes with the crane. 350 tonnes of capability. 360 degree safety. 365 days of the year.

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