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Mobile Crane Rating Charts

We have an extensive range of cranes for hire based between Tauranga, Hamilton and Taupo. 

Spider Crane / Mini Cranes

Compact and powerful spider cranes for construction and industrial use.


Pick and Carry Cranes​


Download full charts

Remember that all ratings are taken from the centre of the crane's turntable. They don't take into account rigging and hook weights. 

If you're unsure of the appropriate crane for your project, don't guess. Call us. The correct crane may not only save you money; it'll certainly make a big difference to safety. Simply, it's always best to discuss the best project options.

Crawler Cranes and Tower Cranes

Our expertise and proficiency in the crane industry are valuable to your project. We work closely with you to provide the best-fit crane solution, whether a tower crane or a crawler crane. As an active member of the Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.), we deeply understand cranes and connect with industry professionals who can supply the crane you need.

90 Tonne an d 100 Tonne lifting Paper Rolls
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