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It's key to our operational efficiency and reliability. It's central to our customer reputation and to our industry standing. There is no moment in the day or night, 24/7, when we relax our focus or grip on Health & Safety.

The results are plain. McLeod is at the leading edge of the NZ crane industry in Health & Safety. There are no two ways about it.


  • SiteWise Gold

  • +Impac Prequal

  • Tōtika 

  • Toitū Enviromark Gold

  • ACC Fleet Saver

  • IPro

McLeod encourages businesses to consider Tōtika as an appropriate Pre-Qual. By choosing Tōtika you help us reduce our Health and Safety Advisor's time completing many proprietary systems, which all take time and are unique to one or two businesses. This time can then be spent effectively on actual frontline health and safety. 

PREQUAL Totika Scheme
Toitu Enviromark Gold
SiteWise Gold


  • Public Liability Cover $10,000,000.00

  • Motor Vehicle $10,000,000.00

  • Goods on Hook $1,000,000.00 

  • Professional Indemnity $1,000,000.00

  • Fire Authorities $1,000,000.00

  • One off sum insurance may be arranged for specific contracts.


If the wind is greater than 19 Knots or 9.8 m/s we recommend looking for an alternate time or contacting us to discuss options.  


In all cases, no matter the wind speed at the time, our team will stop the lift should weather conditions make the operation unsafe.  


Every lift is different and the crane operator must take into account the machine in use - its rating charts, setup and the item being lifted including rigging, tag lines and significant hazards - as well as our Standard Operating Procedures and Hazard Register.

For further advice on Wind see the Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.) crane user guideline. We also find Wind Finder a great resource.


  • In 2012 we were winners of the New Zealand Health & Safety Awards: Best Health & Safety Initiative by a Small Business. We were also a finalist in the 2013 Awards. 

  • In 2013 we were winners in the Site Safe New Zealand Construction Health and Safety Awards: The MSA Leadership Award for small,medium or large businesses.

  • In 2014 and 2015 we were finalists in the New Zealand Health and Safety Awards: ACC best leadership of an industry sector or region.

No other NZ crane company has achieved these accolades.  We believe no other works harder to earn them.


We aim to stay at the forefront of all Health & Safety developments. Just as important, we aim to contribute to new best practices. It means keeping alert and keeping connected.


We do both. We are members of:

When it comes to setting industry standards for Health & Safety, we are acknowledged leaders. Scott McLeod is Life Member and a past president of the Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.). We see these activities as essential responsibilities to the industry.


Through these, we work for the betterment of the sector, and thus for every customer - large or small - that we and other Association members serve.

We have been involved with writing:

  • Crane Association Lite Lift Plan / Rigging Plan and Multi Lift Plan

  • Guideline to the Safe Use of Crane Attached Inertia Reels

  • Crane Association - Crane Safety Manual

  • Guideline for the Safe Use of Lifted Work Platforms

  • Guideline to Post Incident Investigation for Crane Incidents

We are currently working on the:

  • Cadet Training Programmes



McLeod Cranes


When using radios always use the continuous talk method. In the event of lost communication, all operations must stop. Remember:

  1. Check the channel is clear

  2. Use the continuous talk method

  3. Stop all operations if communication is lost or interference occurs

McLeod Cranes use dedicated RT Channels for all crane operations.  These are crane control channels purchased by McLeod Cranes from Radio Spectrum Management.

Tilt Panels - Pre-Cast Concrete Panels


Work Safe New Zealand

See here for all Guidance by Industry.

Crane Association of New Zealand

See also:



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