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Salvaging the Stranded: McLeod Crane, Hiabs and Transport's Acacia Bay Boat Rescue

In the wake of a recent storm that blew across Taupo, a damaged boat was discovered marooned against the rocks in Acacia Bay. The mishap resulted in considerable damage to the hull, necessitating a meticulous rescue operation. Thankfully, McLeod Crane, Hiabs, and Transport's experienced team were ready to accept the challenge.

A Challenge in Access

The stranded boat posed a significant difficulty for our team, given the challenging access to the accident site. Thanks to the robust capabilities of our machinery and the expertise of our crew, we successfully executed the lift operation. This feat was accomplished with a well-coordinated team effort involving a Grove GMK5100 crane and a Volvo FH16 transporter, maneuvering cautiously around the site.

Essential Equipment and Expertise

  1. Crane Operation: Schalk, our talented crane operator, expertly maneuvered the Grove GMK5100. This 100-tonne powerhouse is capable of lifting heavy loads with absolute precision, demonstrating its capabilities once again in this challenging operation.

  2. Transportation: John, a seasoned driver, handled the Volvo FH16, a vehicle known for its reliability and robustness. He efficiently handled the receiving and subsequent transportation of the damaged boat, ensuring its safe arrival at the destination.

  3. Counterweight Assistance: An essential part of this operation was the transportation of two trailers of counterweight to the site, provided by a split B-train. This added stability for the crane during the lift operation, providing much-needed assurance for the team on the ground.

  4. Ground Protection and Traction: Our team employed the use of mud mats (track mats) to protect the environment and ensure traction. This was particularly vital, given the narrow site with the crane at 3.1m wide fitting just past a nearby house. These mats ensured the crane and transporter had solid footing, preventing any further complications during the salvage operation.

  5. Boat Rigging: To preserve the structural integrity of the damaged boat, spreader bars were employed during the lifting process. These helped distribute the weight evenly, reducing the risk of inflicting further damage.

Photographs That Tell A Story

Our on-site supervisor, Kingston, captured a series of images throughout the operation. From the crane and transporter maneuvering their way around the challenging site to the actual lift operation, his photographs serve as a testament to the resilience and skill of the McLeod team.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Although we've mentioned specific individuals, it's essential to note that many more staff members contributed significantly to this successful recovery operation. From rigging to preparing the site with track mats, every role was crucial in ensuring the safe and efficient salvage of the boat.

McLeod Crane, Hiabs, and Transport continue to be proud ambassadors of excellence and safety, underlining our commitment to overcoming challenges while maintaining a high level of efficiency. This boat salvage operation in Acacia Bay stands as a shining example of our team's dedication, expertise, and teamwork.

Let us be your trusted partner in times of need. With our fleet of advanced machinery and a team of skilled professionals, we guarantee efficient, safe, and effective solutions for all your lifting and transport needs.


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