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How a Dogman/Rigger Can Save You Money When Hiring a Large Mobile Crane

Are you in need of a large mobile crane for your next job? While hiring a large crane can be a significant expense, there's a way to save money and make the job faster and more efficient.

By hiring a Dogman/Rigger, you can ensure that the crane is set up and packed up quickly and that the job itself runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Unsung Heroes of Construction Sites

In the fast-paced world of construction, every second counts. Have you ever considered how crucial the role of a Dogman/Rigger is in optimizing crane operations? These professionals are pivotal in not only speeding up your project but also in ensuring safety and precision.

Dogman / Rigger
The Dogman Rigger Not Just A Pretty Face

Reducing Downtime with Expert Setup and Pack-Up

Time is money, especially in construction. A Dogman/Rigger's expertise in swiftly setting up and dismantling cranes is invaluable. By streamlining these processes, they drastically cut down on downtime. This means your crane is operational sooner and for longer, directly impacting project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

You'll often find the Dogman / Rigger discussing the day and placing the crane in the ideal position for the day. Collaboration and knowledge of the project have significant benefits.

Enhancing Job Speed and Efficiency

A Dogman/Rigger doesn't just prepare the crane for work; they are also integral during the lifting operations. Expertly rigging loads and ensuring perfect balance enable crane operators to work more rapidly and with fewer errors.

Effective communication between the Dogman/Rigger and the crane operator is key to synchronizing their efforts, leading to an efficient and smooth workflow.

A great Dogman / Rigger knows the crane's capability and ensures the team are working to that full capability. It's all about weight and radius.

Expert Knowledge for Confident Operations

Understanding the limits and capabilities of a crane is crucial for safe and efficient operation. A Dogman/Rigger possesses this knowledge, allowing quick and confident decision-making. This expertise speeds up operations and ensures they are conducted within safe parameters, thereby minimizing risk.

Proactive Problem-Solving on the Job Site

One of the lesser-known yet critical roles of a Dogman/Rigger is their ability to foresee and address potential issues. Their trained eyes can spot inefficiencies and hazards that others might miss, allowing preemptive action to improve safety and productivity.

Its not about whats happening now but what's happening next and the impact of that next action.

The Financial Advantage

Consider this: hiring a Dogman/Rigger could save significant amounts per 15 minutes of saved time. Given the efficiency and safety they bring to the site, their presence is an investment that more than pays for itself.

Real numbers to consider:

  1. Crane Hire Rate ($200 to $1000 an hour depending on crane size)

  2. Delay - The construction Team is waiting

  3. Dogman Rate

The minutes saved quickly pay for the Dogman.

Ultimately, it's a Smart Choice for Any Construction Project

A Dogman/Rigger is not just a supplementary part of your team but a key part of efficient, safe, cost-effective crane operations. By hiring a skilled Dogman/Rigger for your next project, you're not just getting a crane assistant but investing in the success and safety of your entire operation.

Take the Next Step

Interested in learning more about how a Dogman/Rigger can benefit your project? Contact us today or explore our resources on crane safety and efficiency.

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