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Elevating Pick and Carry Safety with Slew Safe

Hi, guys! Last time we delved into the transformative power of Variobase. Today, we’re equally excited to talk to you about another groundbreaking innovation that McLeod are proud to use as part of our Tidd - pick and carry fleet.

Tidd Pick and Carry Crane
Pick and Carry Cranes

Slew Safe. This feature is redefining safety standards in crane operations, and we think you’ll be as interested as we are.

The Safety Challenge in Pick and Carry Operations

You may know that operating a pick and carry crane comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to safety. The risk of tipping over while turning corners on uneven terrain has always been a concern.

In a Pick and Carry crane as the crane articulates the capacity decreases. This is amplified by side slope where the ground angle and conditions can increase the effect

It’s a problem that needed a solution, and that’s where Slew Safe comes in.

Introducing Slew Safe

So, what makes Slew Safe so special? Let’s break it down:

  1. Visual and Audible Alerts: The moment you’re about to enter the risky “red zone,” Slew Safe gives you both visual and audible warnings. It’s like having a vigilant co-pilot, ensuring you’re aware of potential hazards.

  2. Steering Limitation: This is where Slew Safe stands out. Should you venture into the orange zone (90%), Slew Safe starts to restricts your steering, slowing you from going further into a dangerous situation. As you approach the red zone (100%) the steering further restricts you and becomes harder to move.

  3. Side Slope: Slew Safe takes into account the cranes side slope. De-rating the load chart dynamically to reduce capacity and cater for the cranes angle. This affect feeds into the steering limitation to ensure the crane remains safe throughout the lift.

Why Slew Safe is a Team Win:

  1. Enhanced Safety: First and foremost, Slew Safe is a win for everyone on the team. It ensures that operators are always within safe operating parameters, which is something we can all appreciate.

  2. Peace of Mind for Managers: If you’re in a managerial role, Slew Safe offers an extra layer of assurance. It’s like having another team member focused solely on safety.

  3. Risk Management: On the business side, Slew Safe is a great asset for risk management. It helps ensure that projects are completed safely, which is always a win in our book.

Not all pick and carry cranes are equal.

The reality is not all pick and carry cranes are equal. It's down to the purchaser to choose where safety lands. Slew Safe is a great safety feature on all Tidd Pick and Carry Cranes from TRT. Its well worth a look to understand how it acts to enhance safety and ensure your on the right side of the rating chart.

At McLeod

Pick and Carry (Franna Style Crane)
Tidd Pick and Carry Cranes

We’re genuinely excited about what Slew Safe brings to the table. Just like Variobase, for mobile cranes it’s innovations like this that make our industry safer and more efficient.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Slew Safe will continue to set new standards in pick and carry crane safety.

McLeod are proud to operate two of these cranes in our fleet with the 28 Tonne Tidd so you can be assured we are placing safety first when purchasing cranes.


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