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Introducing Our New Fassi F710 Heavy-Lift Crane: More Power, Less Weight

Are you in need of a powerful heavy-lift Hiab that can handle the toughest jobs with ease? Look no further than our new Fassi F710 heavy-lift crane! Equipped with the latest technology and designed for optimal performance, this crane is ready to take on any challenge you throw its way.

Revolutionizing the traditional concept of knuckle boom cranes, the Fassi F710 from AllCrane Services the New Zealand Fassi dealer in Auckland sets new standards for lifting performance, while also reducing structural dimensions to a minimum and limiting tare weight. Thanks to its exceptional ability to combine lifting power with weight optimization, Fassi is able to offer a crane "without compromise."

The Fassi F710 on our Hiab HL63 is built with special materials, including extremely high elasticity steels that provide formidable resistance while optimizing weight. This makes it possible to achieve outstanding lifting performance, while also limiting the crane's overall weight.

Here are some of the key features for the Hiab or Truck Loader Crane Nerds amongst us. The Fassi F710:

  • Highest moment: 68.50 tm / 672 kNm

  • Max outreach: up to 30.45 m with jib

  • Overall dimensions: from w 2.50 m, l 1.50 m, h 2.45 m

  • Electronic/hydraulic equipment: IMC integral machine control, FX900 control unit, D900 digital distributor bank, RCH/RCS radio remote control unit, ADC automatic dynamic control, and flow sharing

  • Dynamic version (.2): with linkage, XP device, Prolink system with double linkage, continuous rotation on a slew ring

One of the main advantages of the Fassi F710 is its lifting capacity, which allows it to handle heavy loads with ease.

For example, our crane was recently used to lift and place equipment, pipes, and other materials on an upper floor of the new hub factory at Tauriko. The Fassi F710's main boom was able to reach to the upper floor, while its fly was used to reach into that floor and place the materials precisely where they were needed.

The F710 is also equipped with the latest electronic and hydraulic equipment, including IMC integral machine control, which ensures smooth and precise operation, and RCH/RCS radio remote control unit, which allows for safe and easy crane operation from a distance.

So the sales pitch is... if you need a crane that combines exceptional lifting performance, the Fassi F710 on HL67 is the perfect choice. Contact McLeod Hiabs today to make a booking, talk about your project or just to talk Nerdy about our new heavy-lift crane and how it can help you tackle your toughest jobs with ease. We would love to talk hiabs, product delivery, reach and service with you today.

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