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Introducing the Liebherr LTF1045-4.1 45 Tonne Truck Crane from McLeod

McLeod Cranes is proud to announce the latest addition to their fleet, the Liebherr LTF1045-4.1 45 Tonne Truck Crane. This highly versatile crane features a four-axle standard truck chassis, enabling it to arrive quickly to site. Its use of a standard truck chassis makes it perfect for driving long distances while providing the high level of comfort and convenience of a truck.

Truck Crane
Liebherr LTF1045-4.1

The Liebherr LTF1045-4.1 boasts a long telescopic boom that makes it ideal for assembling prefabricated components with speed, precision, and safety. Additionally, it can carry its counterweight, a hook block, and a single folding jib while complying with required axle loads, eliminating the need for additional transport units when operating locally from our Hamilton Branch.

In situations where weight restrictions apply or bridge restrictions exist, the Liebherr LTF1045-4.1 45 Tonne Truck Crane can still access restricted areas. This is made possible by utilizing support trucks to carry the counterweight and folding jib, allowing the crane to significantly reduce its overall weight and be light on the road, without compromising its performance or safety.

Liebherr LTF1045-4.1
45 Tonne at work in the Waikato

With a powerful 4-Zylinder-Diesel engine manufactured by Liebherr, the crane can lift up to 45 tonnes at a radius of 2.50 meters. Its telescopic boom can range from 10.50 to 35.00 meters, with a lattice jib from 9.50 meters.

The Liebherr LTF1045-4.1 45 Tonne Truck Crane offers exceptional safety features and can be operated remotely for increased visibility, making it an ideal choice for job sites with limited accessibility.

In summary, McLeod customers can rely on this highly versatile and efficient crane to meet their unique needs, thanks to its ease of transport and powerful performance. It is a valuable asset for a wide range of crane jobs.

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