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McLeod's Yard Storage Services: An Ideal Solution for Businesses Looking to Scale

Businesses that are growing and expanding often struggle with managing inventory and storage. Traditional storage options, such as warehouses and storage facilities, may not be flexible, can be costly, and may not meet every business's unique needs. A viable alternative to these options is yard storage services, which offer businesses a more customizable and cost-effective option for scaling their operations.

Bricks in Yard
Bricks starting to fill the new yard.

McLeod's yard storage services provide businesses with short-term and long-term storage options in a secure and accessible location. By partnering with McLeod, businesses can free up space in their existing facilities, reduce overhead costs, and scale their operations in a flexible and scalable way.

Importance of Yard Storage Services for Scaling


Yard storage services offer a more flexible and cost-effective storage option for businesses, particularly as they look to scale their operations. Owning or leasing warehouses and storage facilities can be expensive and may not meet every business's unique needs or growth cycles. In contrast, yard storage services provide businesses of all sizes with a customizable and secure option.

McLeod's Yard Storage Services

Our yard storage services offer businesses a range of customizable and secure storage options in a convenient location. Short-term and long-term storage options are available, allowing businesses to accommodate growth without incurring significant overhead costs.

In addition to storage, we offer businesses specialized equipment and resources that help streamline logistics and improve efficiency. For instance, their reach stacker with lifting attachments and cranes up to 350 tonnes can help businesses devan or load out products safely and efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with oversized or heavy equipment.

Our yard storage services also offer businesses customizable storage options, including container storage and flat rack storage, which can be tailored to meet each business's specific needs, allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Proximity to the Port and ATF Facilities

Our proximity to the Port of Tauranga and with our ATF facilities to devan your products and equipment can be a significant benefit for businesses dealing with overseas shipments. By partnering with McLeod, businesses can reduce transport costs and eliminate the need for third-party ATF facilities, streamlining their logistics and reducing costs. This can free up resources to invest in other areas of their operations.

Benefits of Partnering with McLeod

Partnering with us can help businesses reduce overhead costs, improve efficiency, and scale their operations in a flexible and secure way. By reducing costs such as yard space, forklifts, and personnel, businesses can save money and invest in other areas of their operations.

So we would love to have a conversation. Our yard storage services are an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale their operations and streamline their logistics. By providing customizable and secure storage options, specialized equipment and resources, and proximity to the port and ATF facilities, We can help businesses reduce costs and invest in other areas of their operations. Contact our Team today to learn more about their yard storage services and start your journey towards greater efficiency and cost savings. Ask for Phil.

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