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Introducing a new Addition to the McLeod Fleet: The New Mack Superliner

At McLeod, we continue to adapt and evolve to better serve our clients. It is with great excitement that we announce a significant addition to our fleet - the state-of-the-art Mack Superliner.

Mack Transporter
Mack Superliner

The Mack Superliner, renowned for its superior design and power, hosts a robust 685HP MP10 Engine Uprate. This powerful engine boosts our capability to manage even the most demanding of towing tasks, ensuring that we continue to deliver on our promise of reliability and efficiency.

Mack - 120 Tonne Rating
120 Tonne Rating

A notable feature of this new truck is its XHD 14 Speed Transmission with Multi Speed Reverse, designed to enable navigation across varied terrains with ease. The Superliner also showcases impressive strength with 50,000lb Diffs heads. This strength has enabled us to reach a substantial 120-tonne rating, enhancing our ability to cater to heavy-duty requirements.

Heavy Duty Mack Superliner

At McLeod, our pursuit of continual improvement drives us to upgrade and enhance our fleet and services constantly. The inclusion of the Mack Superliner epitomizes this commitment, strengthening our pledge to provide the highest quality services possible.

McLeod enthusiastically welcomes this new addition to our fleet and eagerly anticipates our clients experiencing the capabilities of the this truck. Trust in McLeod for all your transportation needs, knowing they are in the safest hands.

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