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McLeod Waikato Crane Teams LTM1230 5.1 - 230 Tonne Crane

McLeod is reputed for their unparalleled offerings in the crane and transport industry. With our Waikato cranes home base in Horotiu, Hamilton, we have consistently revolutionised regional operations with state-of-the-art cranes and exceptional service.

230 Tonne
LTM1230 5.1 - Power and Versatility

Here is the real game changer for cranes in the Waikato. You can often see it working from a distance. Our 230 Tonne All Terrain Crane. No ordinary crane, this machine excels in its field and is an awesome addition to the Waikato crane market.

The Game-Changer - LTM1230 5.1

The Power and Versatility

The LTM1230 5.1, a 230 Tonne Crane, is a testament to our commitment at McLeod to delivering top-tier products. What sets this crane apart is its versatility and its fantastic rating chart. This combination sets the bar high for what cranes can achieve.

230 Tonne Waikato based Crane
LTM1230 Fly on the Horizon.

The Amazing Rating Chart

Equipped with a rating chart that surpasses competitors, the LTM1230 5.1 can handle an extensive array of tasks. Its flexible operation enables it to adapt to different environments and work requirements.

Groundbreaking Technology in Crane Industry

VarioBase® Support Technology

The LTM1230 5.1 features Liebherr's multi-award-winning VarioBase® support technology. This innovation focuses on creating a crane with an asymmetrical support base, the first of its kind.

The Impact on Structural Steel Design

By centralising the VarioBase® support technology, designing the LTM1230 5.1 with an asymmetrical support base became possible. The integration of this design has far-reaching implications for the crane industry.

Benefits of Asymmetrical Support Base

The Significance of Real-time Calculations by LICCON Controller

The asymmetrical support base isn't just a design feature - it enables higher lifting capacities, especially over the supports at the rear working area. A significant factor contributing to this is the real-time calculation of lifting capacities by the LICCON controller.

VarioBase® Plus - The Next Level

VarioBase® Plus is an advanced version of VarioBase®. This technology combines the benefits of VarioBase® with an asymmetrical support base, offering an even more flexible and powerful solution.

LTM1230 with Fly
Extremely long boom

The Standout Feature - Extremely Long Telescopic Boom

With the LTM1230 5.1, Liebherr introduces an incredibly long telescopic boom. This feature is part of what makes this crane so flexible, allowing it to reach places that were previously out of reach.

  • Max. load capacity: 230 t

  • Telescopic boom: 75 m

  • Max. hoist height: 111 m

  • Max. radius: 86 m

New Standards in Lifting Capacity

Impact of Lattice Extensions

In addition to its many other features, the LTM1230 5.1 employs lattice extensions, increasing the maximum hook height by approximately 10 percent compared to its predecessor.

Comparison with its Predecessor

Despite its similarities, the LTM1230 5.1 marks a clear departure from its predecessor in its design, technology, and capacity. This crane sets new standards in terms of lifting capacity, providing a more powerful and versatile option.

Waikato based Liebherr LTM1230 5.1 230 Tonne Crane
Long Reach - LTM1230 5.1

Ideal Applications of LTM1230 5.1

Erecting Tower Cranes

The LTM1230 5.1 is ideal for tasks that require a high boom and large hook heights, such as erecting tower cranes. Its unique features enable it to handle these tasks with ease and efficiency.

Maintenance Work for Wind Turbines

Similarly, the LTM1230 5.1 proves its worth in maintaining wind turbines. Its height, power, and versatility make it a perfect fit for these challenging tasks.

Give McLeod a Call

Our LTM1230 5.1, offered by the McLeod Waikato crane services team, showcases innovation, power, and versatility. With its groundbreaking technology, exceptional lifting capacity, and convenience, it undoubtedly sets new standards for the crane industry.


  1. What is the unique feature of the LTM1230 5.1 crane? The LTM1230 5.1 crane's unique feature lies in integrating the VarioBase® support technology. This innovation has allowed the crane to be designed with an asymmetrical support base - the first in the industry. Moreover, it boasts an incredibly long telescopic boom that significantly improves flexibility and reach.

  2. How does the VarioBase® technology impact the performance of the LTM1230 5.1? VarioBase® technology greatly impacts the performance of the LTM1230 5.1 by enabling particularly high lifting capacities, especially at the rear working area over the supports. This is calculated in real-time by the LICCON controller. By making this technology the focal point, the crane can optimize its strength and performance, achieving tasks that would be challenging for traditional cranes.

  3. Why is the LTM1230 5.1 ideal for erecting tower cranes and maintaining wind turbines? The LTM1230 5.1 is designed for tasks that require high boom and large hook heights, making it perfect for erecting tower cranes and maintaining wind turbines. Its long telescopic boom and increased maximum hook height, due to lattice extensions, allow it to reach higher than its predecessors. Coupled with its exceptional lifting capacity, it can handle the demands of these tasks efficiently.

  4. What are the benefits of an asymmetrical support base in the LTM1230 5.1 crane? The asymmetrical support base in the LTM1230 5.1 crane, powered by VarioBase® technology, allows for higher lifting capacities, particularly at the rear working area over the supports. It also contributes to the overall stability and safety of crane operations, as it ensures optimal distribution of loads.

  5. How does the LTM1230 5.1 differ from its predecessor? The LTM1230 5.1 sets itself apart from its predecessor in several ways. It employs an asymmetrical support base and features a longer telescopic boom. It also has increased lifting capacities, thanks to the advanced VarioBase® support technology. With lattice extensions, the maximum hook height of the LTM1230 5.1 has been increased by approximately 10 percent, offering more reach and flexibility.

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