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Revolutionising Lift Planning with the Leica RTC360: Discover the McLeod Advantage

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

In the fast-paced world of construction and engineering, precision, efficiency, and safety are non-negotiable.

That's where the McLeod Engineering Team comes in! Our team continuously seeks cutting-edge solutions to improve our client's experiences and outcomes. And we've found a game-changer in lift planning: the Leica RTC360 3D reality capture system.

In this post, we'll explore how this revolutionary technology transforms how we plan and execute lifts and how it translates to unparalleled benefits for you.

Lift Plan
Partial Lift Plan drawing incorporating point cloud and sonar scan / Hamilton Gardens Waikato River car removal.

Unveiling the Magic: Leica RTC360 3D Reality Capture

The Leica RTC360 is a highly advanced 3D reality capture solution that allows us to document and capture the as-built environment with remarkable speed and accuracy. But what exactly does this mean for our lift planning process?

Here's a quick rundown of its most significant advantages:

A. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The RTC360 is designed to be highly portable and automated, making it incredibly simple to use. With the ability to capture scans and high-dynamic range (HDR) imagery in less than two minutes, we can quickly gather crucial data about your site. This efficiency extends to the office, too, where we use the captured information to create accurate 3D AutoCAD plans for your site.

B. Streamlined Pre-Registration and Data Augmentation

The Leica RTC360 system allows us to automatically record moves from station to station, eliminating the need for manual intervention during the pre-registration process. Additionally, we can augment data capture with information tags, highlighting opportunities for better planning and increasing our team's situational awareness.

C. Virtual Reality-Enabled Training and Preparation

Our use of reality capture technology doesn't stop at planning. We also employ virtual reality to help crane operators and riggers familiarize themselves with the actual site they'll be working on. This immersive experience provides a range of benefits, including:

  1. Situational Awareness: By virtually exploring the site, our team can better understand the environment they'll be working in, enabling them to perform more efficiently and safely.

  2. Hazard Identification: VR technology allows our team to identify potential hazards and risks before arriving on-site, helping to prevent accidents and delays.

  3. Lift Plan Feedback: Our experts can review the lift plan and provide valuable feedback based on their virtual experience, ensuring a seamless execution on the day of the lift.

The McLeod Advantage: Elevating Your Project to New Heights

By utilizing the Leica RTC360 3D reality capture system, the McLeod Engineering Team is committed to delivering unparalleled results for your lift planning needs. Our innovative approach ensures maximum productivity, enhanced safety, and unmatched precision—guaranteeing your project's success.

Ready to experience the McLeod advantage? Contact us today to learn more about our lift planning services and how the Leica RTC360 can revolutionize your project.

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