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People Make the Difference: The Importance of Competent and Reliable Personnel in Crane Operations

Updated: Feb 2

Cranes are dynamic machines that require respect and safety consciousness from everyone involved in their use, maintenance, and operation.

Precast Placement
Precast Placement - dogman controlling the lift

Unfortunately, human error is the predominant cause of crane accidents. That's why competent and reliable personnel are crucial to ensuring safe working conditions.

So, what makes a person competent and reliable in crane operations?

It's a combination of qualifications, training, and experience that gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the task required. Effective instruction and training in basic safety principles of crane operation and accident prevention measures are also essential for everyone involved with cranes.

But why is this so important?

The most critical factor in preventing injury and death on the job is having safety-conscious personnel. Without competent and reliable people, the risks of crane accidents increase significantly. Crane operators, dogmen, riggers, and all personnel involved in crane operations play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of everyone on the job site.

That's why, at McLeod, we prioritise the competency and reliability of our personnel. We provide rigorous training and sign-off / approval systems to ensure that our crane operators, dogmen, and riggers are well-equipped to handle any task safely and efficiently. Our focus on safety extends beyond our personnel to include the equipment we use and the work environment we operate in.

The importance of competent and reliable personnel in crane operations cannot be overstated. Human error is the most significant cause of crane accidents, so safety-conscious personnel are critical to preventing injury and death.

Having the ability to see the problem and then having the confidence to act and stop the job or fix the problem comes with experience and training.

At McLeod, we prioritise the safety of everyone involved in crane operations, from our personnel to the equipment we use and the work environment we operate in.

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