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Drilling RIg Logistics

Specialists in Safety and Efficiency


Drilling Rig Logistics

Brain power. Not just crane power. . 

The thing about moving a drilling rig is that it doesn't happen in a distant office or a spreadsheet. It happens on the ground. 

It sounds obvious. But it’s a crucial distinction. You can be safe and efficient in a spreadsheet. You need to be safe and efficient onsite. 

That’s where our expertise matters. In both environments. In detailed project scheduling charts. And amidst the complexities and physical disruption of a rig shift. 

Sure, we’re experienced in complex practicalities. But we’re equally experienced in careful, comprehensive planning. We detail this experience - derived from every rig move we've done and individualised to every rig - in fully itemised and scheduled Gant charts. Wherever it adds value, we also employ 3D lift planning using AutoCAD.

We combine all this experience with specialist, knowledgeable, flexible, responsive support.  What you need, what this rig, this moment needs, is exactly what we deliver.

And we underpin everything with unswerving attention to safety. It’s an area where our investment, unremitting focus, and national awards are all but unmatched.

In total, it’s why McLeod Drilling Rig Logistics is the preferred name in the sector. In customer offices. And out on site.

It's what true specialisation is about.

You can read more about our service and experience here.

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