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Elevate Your Lift Planning with McLeod's Reality Capture Technology

Are you looking for a lift planning partner that takes safety, customer service, and innovation seriously?

Look no further than McLeod, where we're committed to using the latest technology to improve our services and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Twins
RTC360 Reality Capture

One way we're doing this is through our adoption of reality capture technology, including Lidar and HDR 360 Degree Images, to create digital twins and establish point clouds. With this advanced technology, our team is able to gain a deeper understanding of the as-built environment and react quickly to any changes that need to be made.

But that's not all - our reality capture technology also allows us to improve situational awareness, identify potential hazards, and create precise lift plans that can be executed with accuracy and efficiency. We can conduct virtual reality site checks and continuously learn and improve our systems through on-the-day capture.

At McLeod, we understand the importance of lift planning, and we're dedicated to using the latest tools to provide exceptional service to our clients. If you're ready to elevate your lift planning to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our reality capture technology and how it can benefit your project.

With McLeod on your side, you can rest assured that your lift planning needs are being taken seriously and that you're working with a team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Elevate your lift planning with McLeod's reality capture technology - contact us today!


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