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Harnessing Innovation: McLeod Integrates the Double-Hook Frame for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

At McLeod, our commitment to offering our clients the best logistics solutions drives us to continually improve our operational efficiency. To this end, we are thrilled to announce our latest innovation in container-handling: the integration of TEC CONTAINER Asia Pacific’s BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame into our operations. This state-of-the-art equipment, developed by one of the leaders in the container-handling industry, is set to revolutionize our workflow and redefine our standards of safety and efficiency.

BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame

The BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame is a marvel of engineering, boasting robust and versatile features that streamline the handling of general cargo types. From log skidders and large tyres to other heavy machinery, this cargo-lifting frame enables safer, more secure lifting, and improved stability during transportation and storage. It’s not just about safety, though—the Double-Hook Frame will also greatly enhance our productivity and reduce turnaround times, ensuring we continue to meet your needs promptly and effectively.

BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame

Ian Ogilvie, Co-Director at TEC CONTAINER Asia Pacific, shared his thoughts, “This equipment represents our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety for our valued clients.” We, at McLeod, share this sentiment and are confident that the Double-Hook Frame’s advanced capabilities will bring about significant improvements in our container-handling operations.

BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame

The BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame is designed as a universal converter for reach stackers, transforming any reach stacker into a multipurpose transporter. Its design includes multiple lifting points for general cargo and boasts an impressive Safe Working Load (SWL) capacity of 50 tonnes.

Additional features include a length of 20 feet, a tare weight of 2,560 KG, and a parking stand for quick pick-up and release.

With its exceptional lifting capacity and flexibility, the BA-110CF2 Double-Hook Frame will not only enhance our operational efficiency but also ensure we maintain the highest standards of safety. At McLeod, we continually strive to offer logistics solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

We look forward to ushering in this new era of operational efficiency and can’t wait to demonstrate the benefits of this innovative equipment to our clients.


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