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Committed to Sustainability: McLeod - A Journey to Toitū Enviromark Gold Certification

At McLeod Cranes, Hiabs and Transport, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

As a leading provider of crane and transport solutions, we are dedicated to positively impacting the environment and reducing our ecological footprint. We proudly hold the Toitū Enviromark gold certification, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental management.

This post will discuss the significance of the Toitū Enviromark Gold Certification and how our organization has met the stringent criteria to earn this recognition.

What is Toitū Enviromark gold certification?

Toitū Enviromark Gold Certification is a significant milestone in the Environmental Management System (EMS) journey. This certification signifies that an organization has developed a comprehensive plan to manage its environmental impacts effectively. It entails meeting specific objectives and targets, implementing environmental emergency plans, and actively monitoring compliance with New Zealand's health, safety, and environmental legislation.

How McLeod achieved Toitū Enviromark gold certification

1. Setting objectives and targets

We set clear objectives and targets to drive improvement in our environmental performance. We have implemented programmes to meet these targets, including reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting recycling across our operations.

2. Developing and implementing environmental emergency plans

We have developed robust environmental emergency plans that are regularly tested and updated to ensure their effectiveness. These plans help us respond quickly and efficiently to any environmental incidents, minimizing potential harm to the environment.

3. Identifying and evaluating significant environmental issues

We have thoroughly assessed our activities, products, and services to identify and evaluate the environmental issues arising from our operations. This evaluation allows us to prioritize our efforts and allocate resources effectively to mitigate these impacts.

4. Monitoring compliance with New Zealand legislation

We actively monitor our compliance with relevant New Zealand health, safety, and environmental legislation. Our team stays up-to-date with any changes to these obligations, ensuring we maintain our commitment to legal compliance.

5. Producing an environmental policy statement

We have developed a formal environmental policy statement outlining our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and the specific actions we take to achieve our goals.

6. Understanding the scope of our EMS

We have clearly defined the scope of our EMS, identifying any parts of our organization that may need to be excluded and providing justifications for these exclusions.

7. Ensuring no non-compliances

We are proud to have no non-compliances with New Zealand's applicable health and safety and environmental legislation.

Toitū Enviromark gold certification

Holding the Toitū Enviromark gold certification is a testament to McLeod Cranes, Hiabs and Transport's dedication to environmental sustainability.

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and reducing our impact on the environment.

Our Toitū Enviromark gold certification is a significant milestone in our EMS journey. We are excited to continue building on our successes to reach even higher levels of environmental stewardship.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are keen to work with like-minded businesses that share our values and passion for protecting the environment.

By collaborating with partners who prioritize sustainability, we can collectively make a more significant impact and contribute to a greener future for generations to come. If your business shares our commitment to environmental responsibility, we invite you to reach out and explore the opportunities for us to work together towards a sustainable future.

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