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Rough Terrain Cranes: The Perfect Match for Industrial Sites

When it comes to crane operations on industrial sites, a rough terrain crane is often the perfect match. These cranes are designed to handle the tough conditions and uneven terrain found on job sites, making them an excellent choice for heavy lifting in challenging environments.

LRT1100 2.1 Rough Terrain Crane
Rough Terrain in its element on Industrial Sites

McLeod Cranes, a leading provider of crane services in the construction industry, has recently upgraded a site based crane from an All Terrain Crane to a Liebherr LRT1100 2.1 Rough Terrain Crane.

The move from the 80t Grove GMK4075 to the 100t LRT1100 has resulted in a longer boom, making it a perfect fit for industrial sites with greater height requirements.

The advantages of the rough terrain crane extend to a smaller footprint, variobase technology, and newer technology.

Advantages of Rough Terrain Cranes

  1. Smaller Footprint: Rough terrain cranes are designed to be more compact than other types of cranes, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or on job sites with limited space. This allows for more flexibility in placement and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding structures.

  2. Variobase Technology: With variobase technology, rough terrain cranes are able to adjust the width of their outriggers to match the specific requirements of the job site. This provides increased stability during operation, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

  3. Suitable for Uneven Terrain: Rough terrain cranes are specifically designed to operate on uneven surfaces and are equipped with large tires and a powerful engine, making them ideal for working on job sites with challenging terrain.

  4. Newer Technology: As newer models of rough terrain cranes are introduced, they often incorporate the latest technology to improve safety and efficiency. This includes features such as electronic controls, automatic load sensing, and advanced safety systems.

Overall, the upgrade from an All Terrain Crane to a Rough Terrain Crane has been a smart move for McLeod in large industrial sites.

The smaller footprint and suitability for uneven terrain make the LRT1100 2.1 Rough Terrain Crane a perfect fit. With the addition of this powerful new crane, McLeod will be able to take on even more challenging jobs and provide even better service to our clients.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see more advancements in crane technology, and rough terrain cranes will likely play an important role in the future.

They are a versatile and reliable tool for heavy lifting on challenging job sites, and we can't wait to see what they will be capable of in the years to come.

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