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Celebrating Over 25 Years of Growth: McLeod’s Journey with the Crane Association of New Zealand

As the Crane Association of New Zealand gears up for its annual conference next week in Christchurch, we at McLeod take a moment to reflect on our long-standing relationship with this association.

Crane Association of New Zealand - Member
Crane Association of New Zealand - Proud Member McLeod

A Collaborative Past:

Having been proud members for over 25 years, McLeod’s association with the Crane Association has been characterized by collaboration and innovation.

Our Managing Director, Scott McLeod has been fortunate to witness many of the initiatives and work completed by the Association over the years:

  • The change in name from the Power Crane Association to the Crane Association.

  • The comprehensive rewrite of the Crane Safety Manual, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

  • The inception of the Crane Association’s online shop, along with its pioneering products.

  • The rollout of the Crane Association Lift Plans, bridging gaps in operational efficiency and safety.

  • Reviews and implementation of the NZQA Qualifications for Crane Operators.

  • The inception of, a valuable focus point of resources for Crane Users and Owners.

Mutual Growth:

For McLeod, the Crane Association has always been more than just a membership. It’s been about collective learning, mutual growth, and a shared vision for excellence. Through:

  • Networking and learning opportunities from peers.

  • The unwavering support and expertise from the association’s technical and education committees.

  • The treasure trove of resources developed by the association.

  • Access to associate members and a window into the latest crane technology.

The association has represented McLeod and our members at the frontline, influencing government decisions on Good Practice Guides, Approved Codes of Practice, and crucial Legislation. It's helped create that critical level playing field.

Knowledge Meets Implementation:

Over the years, our presence at the Association’s conferences has empowered us with industry insights, be it lectures on cyber security, crane technology, economic landscapes, or insights from Manufacturer Panels. We have also seen a number of insperational Key Note speakers who have inspired us and influenced our thinking.

Armed with this knowledge, McLeod adopted best practices in Safety, earning us accolades at the New Zealand Health and Safety awards.

A reflection from Scott McLeod encapsulates our journey, “My participation at a Council level taught me governance, committee dynamics, and many management skills I now cherish in my business.

Another poignant observation he shares is, “The Association is akin to an insurance policy - its real value emerges when you truly need it, safeguarding Crane Owners, Users, and Members.

Looking Ahead:

While we may not be at the epicenter of the association’s activities as have been in the past, Scott McLeod’s active advocacy, along with his Life Member status, continues.

As we gear up for the conference next week, our enthusiasm is building. It's an opportunity to continue to learn, to reconnect, and to witness firsthand the technological advancements shaping our industry.

If your thinking about joining the association as a owner of hiabs, cranes or even as an associate member we at McLeod highly recommend it.

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